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New to Reiki?

These FAQ's are here to help! If you have a different question, please contact me!

Can Reiki help me?

Yes, Reiki can help anyone as long as you are open to the experience.

Do I need to get undressed?

No. Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed.

What will I feel during my session?

What each person feels during a Reiki session is unique to that person. Generally speaking, most become very relaxed, some even fall asleep. Many feel a tingling sensation and warmth in the areas where my hands are "hovering". We will discuss more possibilities in the "getting to know you" session, but if you have a specific concern, please reach out and ask!

How many Reiki sessions should I have?

This too depends on the individual. For first-timers, I recommend at least 3 sessions, about a week apart. In my own experience, each session has been unique, and the benefits have been multiplied in subsequent sessions.

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