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Reiki Treatment

My first session, I didn't know what to expect. I showed up and within a few minutes found myself feeling comfortable and like I could share things I don't talk about with other kinds of therapists. Julie had this way of creating connection and safety that pulled down my walls. 

After the session, I was very hungry which always tells me I've moved some heavy energy. In the coming days, I took steps towards the goals I conveyed to her. She was supportive, reaching out and messaging me and following up. This was exciting progress from just one session. 


Julie works wonders through Quantum Energy Transformation™. She brings calm, grounded intuition and in her presence I easily open into healing and transformation. Having fun may be an odd way to describe the lightning speed, profound releases of childhood traumas and fears I've had, yet that's what happens. 

My inner child is able to relax into play now, and I've gained more confidence, a clearer mind and freer body as I move from victim mode into my strength and power. Thank you, Julie, for your brilliant guidance.


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