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I am a Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui lineage, a Quantum Energy Transformation™ Coach, and a calming presence in a stormy world. 

Just one Reiki session changed my life. Just one session to spark a passion for working with people to help heal and transform. From Reiki to Quantum Energy Transformation™, I offer an alternative approach and am dedicated to guiding my clients through experiences that are uplifting and often life-changing.

Intuitively guided, my sessions are as individual as the client sitting in front of me. Whether it is a physical, emotional or spiritual concern, shifting or releasing the energy connected to the root of that concern, allows for amazing transformations.

 What is holding you back? What is possible when you are free?

Looking forward to connecting!

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Offered Services

Find the Balance Within


Relax and Renew

Usui Reiki, re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, promotes deep relaxation, stress relief and a profound sense of well-being. The universal life force energy flows  through each chakra enhancing flow and harmony. Reiki is empowered by love and treats the whole person, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Each Reiki experience is unique to the individual and is complementary to any medical treatment.

Quantum Energy Transformation™

Release and Transform

Quantum Energy Transformation™, created by best-selling author Joshua Bloom, works at the cellular level of the body to move, transform and/or release stored energies that no longer serve you. These energies often keep you from "seeing" what is possible in your life, and who you are capable of becoming. During a QET™ experience, we work together to transform the energies that hold you back. Change is fast, if not instant. are freer to step into your more authentic you.

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